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Professional manufacturer of industrial tablet PCs - preferred Yiyunlian

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Abstract: Professional manufacturer of industrial tablet PCs - preferred Yiyunlian industrial tablet PC


The industrial tablet PC 
  is an industrial control computer designed for industrial use. Its basic performance and compatibility are similar to those of commercial computers, but industrial tablet PCs are more focused on stability in different environments, such as beverages. Production line control, automobile production line control, etc., require stability in harsh environments, such as dust, water, and static. Industrial tablet PCs do not require the most high-performance at present, only to meet the requirements of the system, and to meet the reliability requirements and stability in the industrial environment. Otherwise, if the production line meets a computer crash, it may cause serious damage. The standard values ​​required for industrial tablets must meet strict specifications and expandability.


Foxconn 15-inch and 17-inch expandable PCI card industrial control

  • Standard PCI card industrial control expandable PCI industrial control large screen expandable PCI

FOXKPC 15-inch and 17-inch industrial tablet

  • Large screen industrial flat large size industrial computer Foxconn positive screen industrial computer

Shenzhen 10.4 inch and 12.1 inch industrial computer

  • Wall-mounted 10-inch industrial desktop 12-inch industrial small screen industrial computer