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Murata launches RFID electronic tags, and UHF RFID readers are more than one place

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Abstract: UHF RFID readers and RFID tags have always been the darling of warehousing management, logistics, and product traceability. However, the design of UHF RFID readers and RFID tags has been a pain point in the industry. Murata has successfully implemented PCB RFID electronic tags to solve many problems, and UHF RFID readers have more than one place.

UHF RFID readers and RFID tags have always been the darling of warehousing management, logistics, and product traceability, butthe design ofUHFRFIDreaders andRFIDtags has been a pain point in the industry.

Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. ( hereinafter referred to as "Murata" ) , as the world's leading manufacturer of electronic components , developed the RFID electronic tag " MAGICSTRAP®* " series in the field of RFID (the site has introduced the technical classification and characteristics of RFID ) . With UHF RFID readers, we have successfully integrated the advantages of miniaturization, better packaging and high reliability into the field of RFID products. The circuit design and antenna design technology designed by applying a multi-layer substrate and embedding RF components eliminates the time and space for designing the antenna on the PCB . Use of PCB area as an antenna ground plate, so that the whole PCB board becomes a RFID tag , to facilitate UHF RFID reader to read.

Helping to achieve precise item management

The data integration of RFID tag height can record more information about products and process data in batches. Through UHF RFID readers, goods are clearly recorded from the factory to the circulation, which helps to improve the transparency of commodity trading, so that consumers can buy with confidence. The UHF RFID reader can read the information of the RFID electronic tag. When purchasing the product with the RFID electronic tag, the owner information can also be matched, so that the UHF RFID reader can be used to read the tag when the item needs to be repaired . The information can confirm your ownership of the goods without having to carry invoices and other information cumbersomely. It is also because of this advantage that RFID technology plays a vital role in a series of links such as item tracking, anti-counterfeiting and luxury goods certification.

  However, RFID electronic tags have not been able to form large-scale applications, and price is one of its main resistances. Countless manufacturers are lamenting the powerful features of RFID tags, but they are discouraged in terms of price. They need to balance the considerations of profit costs, functional design and many other aspects. Murata has made breakthroughs in this field. The 2.0*1.2mm*0.6mm size structure contains matching circuits, which can achieve a reading and writing distance of up to 1.5m , and also break the long-term price resistance. This product is mainly suitable for PCB boards of electronic products. The ultra-small size of the products leaves more design space for the design of PCBs .

  Production line management application

RFID electronic tags can easily and accurately record process information and process operation information through ultra-high frequency RFID readers on the production line to meet flexible production requirements. The traceability of production can be fully realized for the record of workers' work number, time, operation and quality inspection results. It can also avoid mistakes caused by handwriting and visual information in the production environment. On the other hand, not only the production process, but also the tracking function of the post-service platform has been repeatedly paid attention to by people, accurately locking the status of items in the production process, logistics and other aspects of the details, thus achieving repair, maintenance, and recycling, environmental retirement Information such as processing supports integration. Many factories have had successful cases. Foxconn Technology Group uses RFID electronic tags to record information and uses UHF RFID readers to read and modify information to record product production and logistics processes.

  Continuous improvement of RFID technology

  It is undeniable that the current application of RFID has reached a relatively mature stage. It is also because of the maturity of technology, so the application of RFID will not be limited to our understanding. The application of UHF RFID readers and RFID tags will become more and more extensive.