Intelligent file receiving and dispatching cabinet

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        The Hunan Provincial Department of Justice is in charge of the judicial administration work of the whole province. In order to further improve the efficiency of work services and realize the refinement and intelligence of government management and public services, the intelligent file cabinet of Eralink technology is used, and the intelligent file sending and receiving system is introduced. Traditional documents are sent and received. Officials call subordinate units or managers to come and collect them. The managers need to collect them at the specified time. If some important documents cannot be handed over face-to-face with the issuing personnel, it is easy to cause the loss of documents, and it is impossible to monitor the flow of documents. Yealink Intelligent File Cabinet has functions such as intelligent identification of documents, sending and receiving files, SMS notification, biometric authentication, video recording, etc., which can effectively solve the above problems.



▲  Intelligent file receiving and dispatching cabinet

The staff matches the documents that need to be issued on the day to the subordinate units to form the report of the day; the report is automatically sent to the cabinet operation terminal; the civil servants open all cabinet doors through palm vein identification and put the corresponding documents into each cabinet, and work at work. When the personnel closes the cabinet door, the system automatically sends a text message to the relevant parties to remind them to come and extract the files; the parties only need to go to the file receiving room and verify at the terminal of the intelligent file receiving and sending cabinet through palm vein identification, verification code or other methods to extract the corresponding files. Documents, close the door after receiving the documents, and transfer the receiving information to the workstation computer in real time.

▲ Operating interface


  • OCR file recognition (automatically recognizes the file title without manually entering the file name)

    Permission management (sub-super administrator and ordinary user)

    Dual camera surveillance

    Electronic paper (real-time display of single cabinet information)

    Multiple login modes (can choose verification code, palm vein or various combination modes to log in)



The staff can know the receipt of documents at any time through the workstation, eliminating the need for face-to-face signing and checking and other work, effectively solving the problems of heavy work, handover, inconvenience, and difficulty in tracing paper documents in the process of receiving and transferring paper documents. The "human-human" model of traditional paper materials has been changed to a "human-machine" model. Information technology and network technology are used to meet the needs of circulation between business departments in various links. The combination of online and offline can easily manage complicated and complicated tasks. Work files, greatly improve the workflow and increase work efficiency.

Palm vein identification

Electronic paper

OCR recognition

Big data statistical analysis platform