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RFID Production Line Management

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The production management system is an information system that combines RFID products to obtain real time data on each workstation and upload it to the server, to facilitate data analysis, improving the transparency and controllability of enterprise production site, thus to realize high efficiency and ROI.

System Architecture

Install an integrated reader at each workstation on production line, and associate reader IP/or address with each station, worker and equipment, when raw material come to workstation reader reads material tag and records the start/finish time. The LCD screen on each work station shows order number, quantity completed and to be completed etc. In quality inspection process, QC uses RFID handheld terminal to scan defective products, after maintained modify tag info and noted upload relevant information to server.

System benefits

  • Real-time data: real-time acquisition of data generated in each production process, statistical analysis of production capacity and efficiency;
  • Flow control management: Real-time flow control management at the production site, to keep abreast of the production status, real-time order tracking management, to establish complete product production information, and to facilitate the traceability of quality problems;
  • Process management: quickly and accurately transfer the production process to each production line, support customized production, and improve production efficiency;
  • Data digging: Big data analysis in the production process, continuous guidance to improve production management.

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