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Eralink Technology is headquartered in Shenzhen, located in Guanlan High-tech Industrial Park, a high-tech enterprise in Shenzhen and a national high-tech enterprise. The branch Hunan Eralink Technology is located in Fuxing World Financial Center, Kaifu District, Changsha. It has several agents in many overseas countries, and has a national and global presence. The company's R&D team has more than 15 years of development and application experience, and has deep accumulation and precipitation in the "industrial intelligence + IoT" direction. The company adheres to the "intelligence + wisdom" dual-engine drive.


 To Intelligence: Follow "Made in China 2025", realize industrial automation big data application based on industrial computer data calculation and RFID data collection, provide accurate information for the judgment, order issuing and data statistics of the executive layer, and realize lean manufacturing.


To Wisdom: Rich hardware product forms and related supporting software support improve the operation and management efficiency of smart assets, smart libraries, smart archives, smart warehousing, logistics, and new retail, and accelerate the process of digitization and informatization.


Eralink products are all independent intellectual property rights, with more than 60 patents for inventions, utility models, appearances, and soft works, and have won many internationally renowned awards such as Red Dot and Gold Dot. It has strong product development and customization capabilities and is committed to To create a one-stop global supplier of "Industrial Intelligence + Internet of Things" solutions.