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Shenzhen Yiyunlian Technology Co. , Ltd. specializes in industrial computer integration, Foxconn industrial tablet PC, IoT RFID product development and sales and overall solutions. Yiyunlian Technology is located in Longsheng Times Building, Longhua Central District. Yiyunlian has a core technology research and development team, and cooperates with Foxconn to professionally solve the R&D and sales of industrial control integrated machine, IoT system solution and terminal products. With more than 10 years of experience in the industry, professional high-end technical talents can solve relevant fields for you. Professional problem. 

    The main research and development and sales of Yiyunlian Technology include: industrial computer, industrial computer, industrial display, Foxconn industrial tablet, RFID handset, RFID reader, RFID special electronic label series, educational medical application and special terminal Customized, providing a series of overall solutions such as intelligent warehousing logistics management, intelligent asset inventory and management, factory intelligent management, and anti-counterfeiting management.

    Since its establishment, Yiyunlian Technology has maintained close cooperation with Foxconn, and has high quality, high efficiency, low cost and fast response after-sales support to protect your intelligent integrated solution. We are committed to becoming a professional provider of R&D and solutions for RFID products in the global industrial control machine, Foxconn industrial tablet PC, and IoT.