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Product Maintenance Service Terms 
  Our company is dedicated to customer service, in order to promote better cooperation between the two parties, improve the efficiency of both parties, special provisions for the replacement of products and accessories, warranty matters as follows: 

warranty period   

from the product Within one month from the date of delivery, if the product cannot be used normally due to the quality of the product itself, the company will be responsible for the replacement if the appearance is not damaged.   

The warranty is calculated for one year from the date of delivery of the product. The product is not working properly due to abnormal quality of the product. The   

company is responsible for free maintenance. Product Lifetime Maintenance   

For faulty products that are out of the warranty period beyond the warranty period, our company will provide you with lifetime maintenance and repair fees according to the cost of the work (the freight is paid by the shipper). 

Product limited time maintenance   

1. Within three working days after receiving the customer's faulty product, report the fault reason, fault liability, maintenance cost (more than the warranty period and the faulty product within the scope of exemption) and the repair completion time.   

2. The customer has no objection to the cause of the fault, the fault liability, the repair cost and the repair completion time. After confirming the repair, the faulty product is repaired within the time limit specified below, and the repair product is issued to the customer:   

1) slight fault— - 5 working days   

2) General degree failure - 10 working days   

3) Severity failure

Repairing product warranty period 

within 15 working days

 Repair product warranty period   

from the date of delivery, for a period of six months . 


This Product Repair Service Terms only apply to products manufactured by our company. 


During the warranty period, the following items are not free of charge:   

1) Damage caused by the use of environmental indicators that do not meet the requirements;